All psychotherapy should be transformational. Otherwise what is the point of spending the time and energy required to do it. But it isn’t always. The conclusion I have come to in the last 30 years is that two things are important: our wisdom and our wholeness.

This is a modality that involves multisensory paths to health, harmony and healing for body, mind and spirit.

As you can see from the other pages on this site, it involves using everything that nature has provided us with: sound, color and movement of energy. Just like we need everything in nature, we need to use and access all parts of ourselves.

If we are not using a multisensory system- all parts of yourself- something will be left out. Some of us are more comfortable using our intellect and the emotional and spirit realms are left out. Some of us like to dance around in the sky and the other realms are not quite so comfortable to access. Wherever you are, the work starts there. You start by identifying what feels stuck in your life, or with an ailment that has been chronic, ect. Using sound, color and chi, you brush away some of the fog that blocks your vision. From this clarity begins the movement to accessing your inner wisdom. This work is about accessing our own resources, to know who we truly are. We are all our own healers.