_DSC2740For Sound to have a positive affect on an organism, it needs space and time to resonate. This can only happen in the space between two notes-within the overtones-created by natural acoustic sound. The overtones are found in acoustic musical instruments, the human voice and nature itself. Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, developed this groundbreaking approach to sound healing after years of research on the effect of acoustic music on human cells. In his experiments using acoustic sound on healthy cells,he found, among other things, that these healthy cells were systematically empowered and revitalized by the overtones in the acoustic music. (Taken from his book, The Tao of Sound, by Fabien Maman)

Acupuncture with Tuning Forks

Based on Chinese medicine, using stainless steel tuning forks and colored lights on the acupuncture command points of the body to balance the meridians and empower the organs. Excellent for physical health problems and chronic fatigue. Sessions help you feel vibrant and alive again in your physical body. As with all the Tama-Do techniques, this is a method to engage the body’s own unique ability to heal, on the physical, emotional and mental levels, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. (Fabien Maman)

Musical Spine Technique_DSC2701a

This powerful technique uses tuning forks and color lights along the spine to harmonize the nervous system, chakras and subtle energy fields. This releases back pain and chronic stress in the body.

The 8 Qi Mo Technique

Using sound and color on the eight extraordinary acupuncture meridians to bring a higher level of balance and awareness.

Kopotanma Sound Healing the Subtle Energy Fields

Annie-127Using acoustic instruments, the voice and sounds of nature.






T.E.P. Harmonizing with Sound, Color, and Touch

Annie TEP