Qi Gong Movement Meditation

Why should you get out of bed early in the morning to squeeze something else (doing Qigong), into an already crazy, busy schedule? How could this be better than catching up on a few more zzzz’s?

Lets begin the answer to this question with a question. What surrounds us? What’s within us? Empty space? Or is it a space that’s filled with something? Consciousness? Life Force? Womankind has been asking these questions for ions.

Discussion about Qigong:

According to many ancient cultures, Qi, Prana, or vital force, energy is the source of energy that runs through our physical and subtle bodies, nature and the cosmos. Qigong or Qi movement, has been touted as a master tool for evolution and self healing. With the practice of QiGong you are in touch with your own Qi and the Qi of the cosmos, sending light energy through your body to align your central axis, empower your acupuncture meridians, heal the organs and clear and balance the chakras, as well as blood, bones, muscles, nervous systems and others systems in the body.

The answer to the question, “why learn Qigong?” To learn a practice that enables you to be your own healer and connect to your own inner wisdom.

There are many forms of qigong and all can help you get healthier and stay healthy. One of the QiGong practices I use, was brought back from china and Europe by Fabien Maman. It incorporates ancient practices with new movements, forms and understandings of working with this subtle energy, sound and color. For more about what Maman developed see his “The Tao of Sound, by Fabien Maman.”


Wednesday mornings at 8:30Am
Tuesday evenings at 7pm
Classes run in 6 weeks cycles although you can come at any point in the cycle. $60.00 for a 6 week cycle.

Call to rsvp that you are coming: 215-806-4380
Wear comfortable clothes and no perfumes because we use explore the Fairy essences.

More tidbits to contemplate about Qigong:

Qigong – Active meditation in motion: Qi- life force; Gong –a skill this is cultivates through steady practice.

The practice of Qigong uses, among other things, the Chinese philosophy of “The Five Element Theory of Nature, and the principle of Yin and Yang polarity in us and in the universe.

Yin is the passive force and Yang is the dominant force. Yin and yang are the unity of two aspects of Qi energy that move in a cycle. Neither aspect is more important than the other. Just like all the other opposites in the universe we need both to be in balance.

The Law of the Five Elements:

Wood – Green – Spring – creativity
Fire – Red – Summer – intuition
Earth – Yellow – Late Summer – sensation
Metal – White – Autumn – thinking
Water – Blue – Winter – emotion