QiGong Group – Warm Up!

Here’s a step by step Tao Yin Fa Warm up!


Tao Yin Fa Warm Up

-Open energy gates (joints)
-Activate (stretch) the meridians
-Experience the flow of Qi through the meridians in exchange with universe

  1. Swing arms side to side. Sssssss.
  2. Stretch Extraordinary Meridians in legs. (inner thigh, hamstrings, groin)
  3. Rotates Ankles (bent knee, then straight leg – 4X each way)
  4. Rotate knees (4X each way – knees together, clockwise and counterclockwise circles knees apart)
  5. Rotate hips (4X straight legs; 4X bent knees)
  6. Wrists vertical and horizontal twist To open the energy in the wrists.
  7. Stretch Pericardium – Palms and Pretzel arms. SSSSSsss.
  8. Shoulder rolls.
  9. Head side-side. Stretch neck. Neck Rolls.
  10. Eye rolls. Tongue roof of mouth.
  11. Cover eyes. Massage around eyes. Face. BL Meridian. GB Meridian. Ears. Throat. Pull ears. Stretch tongue.
  12. Massage glands. Thyroid.
  13. Stimulate sternum with CV22 L/R
  14. Stimulate GV 26 (nasal philtrum) with CV 8 (Navel) L/R
  15. Stimulate CV 24 (chin) with GV 1 (sacrum) L/R
  16. Stimulate midline from sternum to pubic bone
  17. Stimulate sternum (thymus) while toning 3X
  18. Tap arm Yin meridians then Yang L/R
  19. Tap leg Yang meridians then Yin L/R
  20. Shake hands over head. SSSSSssss.
  21. Middle finger at PC 8: bring universal energy into PC 8 through crown
  22. Arms embracing the tree posture while circulating Qi in meridians 3X
  1. inhale arm Yang to head
  2. exhale to Tantien
  3. inhale from Tantien to Yin points upper chest
  4. exhale arm Yin to fingertips and crossover to Yin feet
  5. inhale Yin legs to Yin points in torso
  6. exhale to Tantien
  7. inhale Tantien to Yan points in face
  8. exhale from back of head down BL meridian
  1. Push the mountain – pull the mountain
  2. Meditation
  3. Close


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