ColorWhat color healing can do for you!

Color healing brings about a renewal of all life forces in all parts of the human being.
Color healing aims to re-establish color balance and to release the tensions caused by color starvation that come from errors in thinking and feeling as well as from wrong living habits.

Since color affects people emotionally, it must affect all parts of the human being, including the physical body. That is why it can be applied to healing all parts of the body, harmonizing the vibratory rate in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. (from “The Aura and What It Means to You: Health Research Publication.)

Color inside us/ color outside us:

We don’t often think of ourselves as being made up of color. Chinese medicine has expounded this idea for thousands of years in the five-element theory: colors and the elements associated with the colors, all attempt to create a balance within us. But even modern medicine uses color as a diagnostic to health or illness: lack of color in the face, versus too much color in the face or red blood cells and white bloods cells, that have to be in the right balance or illness will accrue.

How we can understand color:

The action of color treatment on the body is so gentle and yet so powerful. One can learn about this by simply noticing the effect that the clothes you wear have on your physical body or on your emotional state. Red can be worn to warm up the body and especially red on the feet when the feet are cold. Blue or violet can have a quieting effect. Taking a walk on a sunny day in white clothes will allow more light and color to pass into the body and create a balancing effect. This will help especially in the winter when the body is exposed to less sunlight.