Better Brain & Body

So far, reading the book The Brain’s Way of Healing, by Norman Doidge, I am struck by the curiosity and determination of the doctors he writes about and the resilience of the patients and the partnership between the two. They have embarked on a discovery of healing modalities that are not considered valid in mainstream medicine or modalities of healthy living that have gone out of use in our modern […]

Doctors and Energy, Mind, & Body Practitioners – Together

I wanted to talk about three authors/doctors/visionaries (whose work I have been reading lately) who are bringing the medical profession and the energy, mind, and body practitioners together: James Gordon – author of Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-stage Journey Out of Depression Norman Doidge – who just recently released his second book on neuroplasticity: The Brain’s Way of Healing Oliver Sacks – who wrote many books regarding the perfection […]

Color Therapy

Sunday night, cooking diner thinking about what I’m learning about color and wanting a deeper understanding That’s what this blog is about for me – what I am a student of. Unfortunately it’s a lot, but always interesting and I love it! Moving on, let’s look at the color. Using it for healing goes all the way to the ancient temples of Egypt, the Middle East, and China. In Europe […]

Seasonal Celebration – Imbolc!

Well, in the spirit of total disclosure and authenticity, I have been nursing and cleansing my body (especially the kidney and bladder meridians and organs) back to health this week. But I am happy to repeat that using herbs (i.e. chamomile, goldenseal, oregano, and thyme), homeopathy (anthroposophic homeopathy from Rudolph Steiner), doing Qi Gong, and taking cold baths really work. It’s always best to test these methods out on yourself […]

The Law of the Five Elements

Our first blog was about winter and what happens in our bodies at this time of year. According to Oriental Medicine, the water element is activated in winter (the kidney and bladder are therefore activated) and that draws us deep inside to find our inner wisdom, and can also make us aware of our fears. Looking at how the water element affects us is a part of oriental medicine that […]

The Qi Gong of the Bladder and Kidney Movements

The Qi Gong of the bladder and kidney movements from Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do Academy: Toa Yin Fa Series 1: In this series, you stretch the meridians, which sends Qi to the organs and empowers them, while you use breath, color, and sound with your awareness and intention to direct the Qi where it needs to go. We are starting with the kidney and the bladder because these are the organs […]

QiGong Through The Seasons

Welcome to my first blog! Ronald H. Davis has a beautiful book called QiGong Through The Seasons: How to Stay Health All Year Long with QiGong. Here’s some information from his work for your contemplation: Staying healthy and focusing on the current season: its meridians, its organs, and its elements. The organs, emotion, and bodily functions of the current seasonal network are most receptive to qigong practice during that time. […]


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