Spring Equinox is here!

Spring Equinox – tomorrow, Sunday March 2oth. The spring equinox is one of the four great solar festivals of the year. Day and night are equal, poised and balanced, but about to tip over on the side of light. The spring equinox is sacred to dawn, youth, the morning star and the east. The Saxon goddess, Eostre (from whose name we get the direction East and the holiday Easter) is […]

Going with the Flow

A wonderful description of Qi/Life Energy and some of the benefits of a Qi Gong practice, from The Way of Qi Gong by Kenneth Cohen. “According to Chinese medical theory, health means a full and flowing supply of qi. Using a modern metaphor, we can regard the body as a battery that can either lose, maintain, or increase its charge. Stress, worry, and poor health habits dissipate qi. Proper self-care […]

The Nature of Numbers

I wanted to share with you all a five-minute clip about Jaime Escalante, the hero of the movie “Stand and Deliver” about a teacher who believes in the potential of his students and uses mathematics to help them realize it. Escalante believed math is the great equalizer because if you can figure out the patterns, the logic of math, you can do anything. His students, from the barrio in LA, […]

Better Brain & Body

So far, reading the book The Brain’s Way of Healing, by Norman Doidge, I am struck by the curiosity and determination of the doctors he writes about and the resilience of the patients and the partnership between the two. They have embarked on a discovery of healing modalities that are not considered valid in mainstream medicine or modalities of healthy living that have gone out of use in our modern […]