The Law of the Five Elements

Our first blog was about winter and what happens in our bodies at this time of year. According to Oriental Medicine, the water element is activated in winter (the kidney and bladder are therefore activated) and that draws us deep inside to find our inner wisdom, and can also make us aware of our fears. Looking at how the water element affects us is a part of oriental medicine that […]

The Qi Gong of the Bladder and Kidney Movements

The Qi Gong of the bladder and kidney movements from Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do Academy: Toa Yin Fa Series 1: In this series, you stretch the meridians, which sends Qi to the organs and empowers them, while you use breath, color, and sound with your awareness and intention to direct the Qi where it needs to go. We are starting with the kidney and the bladder because these are the organs […]

QiGong Through The Seasons

Welcome to my first blog! Ronald H. Davis has a beautiful book called QiGong Through The Seasons: How to Stay Health All Year Long with QiGong. Here’s some information from his work for your contemplation: Staying healthy and focusing on the current season: its meridians, its organs, and its elements. The organs, emotion, and bodily functions of the current seasonal network are most receptive to qigong practice during that time. […]